by High Hopes

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Our top story tonight: studies say we won’t last the year. Spend everything you have. stimulate the life depressor, the void creator. We were born empty shells, fill us up, kill more of ourselves. There’s still more to come: sickness is on the rise. The cost of care skyrockets at an alarming rate. Thousands are dying misguided. Find a god, die with the flock. Fuel for the fear, fuel for the hate. Fuel for the sleepless nights, fuel for the sleep. My solace, devoured by fears. My dreams are horror scenes, how many times can I die in my sleep? Wake up, refuse: fear, hate. Find purpose and love. Medicate to live, to love, to die.
Ravenous 02:31
We’re all ravenous, we’ve grown too fast. Hardwired to proliferate, slaves of instinct. As the burden grows insurrmountable, we’re left to fight for what little resources are left. And we have conqured all, we’re the face of predation. A parasite, murdering host. So many eyes yet so blind. Laying waste to the land as we grow each city. Reproduce, no restraint, ignorant to the impact. We will be our end. Every choice, affects us all. Every new life will take it’s toll. When the sun is scarce some trees won’t shed their seeds. Our light is fading, as we stare into the dusk. When hoards find only themselves to eat, hungry mouths prey on the weak. This is the tomorrow we’re responsible for. This is what we are passing down.
Soggy Teeth 01:33
Your rotting mouth spills ignorance. Disguised as truth, as the absolute. Crippling fear has you clinging to faith, and you would drag us all down if it meant you’d stay afloat. Fold my hands and wait? I can’t. I will flourish in every moment that I have. When no one can be sure of what’s to come, you’re selling conviction. Convert, convert. You need more of you to afford your salvation. Tread and await your deliverer as you bleed ambition. Fools! This life is what you make it, take control. I will swim for the shore, struggle for what’s in sight. It takes strength to carry the weight. I will be strong. So keep your promises, save them for someone else. I refuse to wait in the sea, for your prophecy, false certainty. I refuse to give up the shore, for your word.
Wander into the great unknown. A chance to lose myself, to feel alive, to escape the grinding pace. Breathe deep, enter a dream-like state. As beauty rattles bones I find myself shaken awake. Do you feel connected to the world outside your walls? Smother sounds of civilian life. In this vast sanctuary my inner voice beckons. A call for fire, a call for meat. A primal yearn for burning beast. Taste the ancestry, digest, devolve. Flesh over flames. Stars over head. Burning beast. The magnificent wild, behold! Flesh over flames, flavors long forgotten. Stars over head, sleep outside, feel alive. Let yourself run wild. Roam in splendor, be free. Explore origins, awaken instincts within. Feel at home in the great unknown.
Looking out I see myself in the faces staring back. The promise of youth and innocence, breathe new life into this city. Pouring sweat from passion, your participation makes it all worth while. For you I sing. My heart and soul exposed within these walls. Our lives are entwined and growing stronger. Will you take these words to heart? Words like flames from the driest mouth. I’ve thirsted for so long to be the activist for potential in you. Awaken fire in you, burning for the truth. And now it seems I’m flickering and fading out. I’m fading out. When my time has come and gone, carry on. It’s up to you. You get out what you put in. Invest yourself, become the change. I’m fading, it’s up to you to carry on. It’s our spirit that has made us strong, a frame of mind you must pass on. It’s up to you, keep your head up. keep those fires burning as the cold rain pours down. It’s up to you, keep your head up. Keep thinking forward, change the outcome of every passing day.


released June 8, 2010


all rights reserved



High Hopes

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