by High Hopes

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released May 15, 2012

Recorded and mixed by Dan Jensen at The Hideaway - Minneapolis, MN in April and May of 2012
Mastered by Joe Mabbott



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Track Name: Endeavors
Regret! have a seat. Pour a drink my friend, it's good to see you again. Have another, sit with me a while. Be the juror as I put myself on trial. Teach me things I already know. For the pain I've nothing to show. I keep fucking up, old habits die hard. Sometimes we can't change who we are. Silence! If I'm betrayed by words, silence! I want to be something better than myself. To those I love, I only mean the best. No more judgment, i'll strive for acceptance. Silence! Acceptance!
I'll take you all as you are, my struggles are my own. We all must suffer to become that version of ourselves seemingly out of reach. Don't stop reaching.
Track Name: New Blues
These blues ain't what they used to be. Worn out, ragged, old-fashioned. Give me latest trend, give me cutting edge, something no ones ever seen. These blues don’t come cheap, debt’s a way of life. Who doesn’t buy what they can’t afford? My satisfaction is fleeting. My desire is insatiable. I want, I need, I’m empty, fill me! Inject sweet relief into this sullen vein to pacify till the craving comes again. I can’t make do, when there’s something new. Give me new fucking blues.
Track Name: Contraband
We've only started getting to the bottom of it. Beneath the stars, our faces shine the brightest. We find ourselves on epic trips, misadventures. We catch a glimpse of who we may become. With liquid courage we take our chances we hedge our bets that the sun finds us in our beds. Take me home, for I can't carry myself. We piece together the night before. Uncovering moments when we felt alive. Life moves faster now, help me slow down. As we've become civilized men, let's unravel ourselves again. In our primitive state return to simpler times of excitement, and openness and raw fucking emotion. Take me home, for I can't carry myself. Through it all the treasures outweighed the dangers. I'd do it again, yeah I'll probably do it again. Let's get away, do it again.
Track Name: Ramblin'
Fuck the fear that they instill. Oppression of free will. No masters now, I think for myself. Never stop questioning our greed and suffering, the abuse of a human being for someone's gain. Reject the poison we take, the manufactured filth they make. Feed yourself from the fruitful land, build your life with your two hands. An idle mind is a wasted one, seek personal truth and purpose. Find your true passions and live for them. Nothing worth having is handed down. In the end, call on your friends. Get in the van. Eat wings.